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About Us

About Rushmore International School

The year 2019 is the year of birth of Rushmore International School, an institution dedicated to provide high quality education to its students. We at Rushmore International School believe that education is not merely a means to secure a job. It's our firm belief that Education is an investment for a better future of the Society and the Nation. Accordingly at Rushmore International School we groom children in an environment aimed at identifying and developing their latent talents with the help of the best possible faculty and latest technologies. Located in pristine surroundings, away from the noise and pollution of the city, Rushmore International School is a center of excellence - an institution where you sow a child and reap a leader.

Our Guiding Principles Education

Rushmore International School students participate in a challenging preparatory curriculum from nursery to grade-five with ample opportunities for individual attention and personal growth. The use of advanced technology tools in the classrooms like smartboards, computers and digital library makes Rushmore International School a forerunner among contemporary schools. Our well-balanced, in-depth approach to education ensures every student gains the tools necessary to be successful in our fast-paced and ever changing world.