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From the Director’s Desk

Dear Parents,
Founding Rushmore International School is the fructification of a long cherished dream. I always wanted to touch people's life through education. I have always believed that an Investment in Knowledge pays the Best Interest. The reason of founding a school is to generate profits in the Human, Societal and National sense. In a school, we work on the biggest capital of All-HUMAN CAPITAL. What a school takes from the society is not very important - What a school returns to the society is of paramount importance. And the school gets only ONE chance! There are no retakes, no second chances.

At Rushmore International School we an act of FAITH assure you that team Rushmore and I personally will leave no stone unturned to uphold your faith. I could write so much about what we have to offer to your child in terms of faculty, facilities, technology and infrastructure. But that is not the intention behind this message. As the Founder & Director of Rushmore International. I wish to assure you that we will work on your child. We will spare no effort in our sincere endeavour towards making your child realize his/her true potential. And when the time comes for your child to spread his/her wings and take off in the sky of this world; I assure you that you will feel thankful and proud that you sent your child to us.

MR. Radhey Shyam Tiwari (Baba)
Director of Rushmore International School