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Examination Rules

1. Two Unit tests and two terms will be held in the whole Academic year. Unit tests will be held in the month of July and December and Term Examination will be held in the month of September and February every Academic year.

2. Pupils absent for an examination for any reason will not be re- examined and those who absent themselves from an examination without grave reason will be considered fail. In case of illness, a doctor's certificate will have to be produced. Medical Certificate does not guarantee promotion.

3. No candidate will be allowed to appear in any of the examinations unless all school dues have been paid in full.

4. The pupils are strictly forbidden to borrow stationary from their neighbour in the examination hall. Copying and consulting and carrying answer slips to the examination hall will be liable for punishment such as detention in the class.

5. The year's work will be taken into account for drawing, craft, dance and physical education. No separate examination will be held in these subjects at the end of each term. Grades will be awarded for these subjects.

6. Promotion to a higher class depends upon-

a. Regularity in attendance (80%).

b. Regularity and quality of day-to-day participation in the class.

c. Completion of note copy and projects assigned by the subject teachers.

d. Clear pass in all the subjects in all the exams.

7. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be re-considered.

8. A pupil failing twice in the same class will have to discontinue his/her studies in the school.

9. A progress report is shown to parents after each Term. Parents are requested to sign the report and return it to the class teacher.

Cheating Or Using Unfair Means During Examination

1. If a student is found to have actually copied from the answer book of another student his answer for that question shall be cancelled. Further, up to 10 marks shall be deducted from the marks obtained by him in that paper. If in the opinion of the invigilator, a student is found helping another, he is also guilty and up to 10 marks shall be deducted from the marks obtained by him in that subject.

2. If any student is found possessing a written piece of paper or chit or page torn out of a book or any other written matter on his hand, body or clothes, his examination paper shall be cancelled irrespective of whether he has actually copied from the material in his possession or not.

3. Any student misbehaving with the invigilator/Principal or threatening any one, whether inside or outside the school campus shall immediately be expelled from the school. The decision of the Principal in all such matters shall be final and binding on all concerned.