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Guidelines For Parents

Tiffin – Please ensure that your ward carries healthy food with a napkin and a water bottle everyday to school.

Diary- Parents must read the school diary so as to acquaint themselves with the school rules and regulations and confirm, their acceptance for the same by signing in the school diary. It is compulsory for every parent to check their ward's diary everyday so as to follow the time-table of the day or sign any note written by the class teacher. Personal details of the diary should also be duly filled up. The diary also enlists information regarding the holidays, parent teacher meetings and other activities.

If for any reason a student is unable to wear full school uniform at any time, parent should inform the Class Teacher with a written note.

Bringing cosmetics to school is prohibited.

Parents are requested to co-operate with the School authorities in re-enforcing the education values of neatness, politeness and courtesy both at home and in the school.

A Parent/Guardian should respect the Principal and the staff at all times. Parent/guardians shall not criticize the Principal/staff in front of the students. It does more harm to the children than the staff.

The parent/guardian should be able to pay the fees decided by the management of the school from time to time. Correction work must be done regularly to ensure good performance.

Books, note books, worksheets, files etc. they are to be covered & maintained neatly. File the worksheets regularly in the given file. Books to be sent to the school according to the timetable.

The Parent/guardian should not carry any polybags in the school premises.