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Zero Tolerance Bullying

Rushmore International School, Prayagraj Has Zero Tolerance To Bullying, Physical, Mental Or, In The Cyber Space, Obscenity And Any Type Of Sexual Offence Byanyone In The School

All incidents of intimidation against another, especially against junior students, by forcibly taking their belongings, food, etc is bullying.

All direct or indirect remarks of obscene or sexual nature against and/or of another gender is a very serious bullying.

Posting or subscribing to posts offensive to another on the web is cyber bullying.

All physical aggression leading to hurt or intimidation, including threatening physical action is also bullying.

Carrying phones or other digital devices, which is in contravention of explicit school norms is a serious offence and will be dealt with seriousness, even expulsion. Contemplated action in this matter is the seizing of the material and kept in the school until the end of the session.

Every incident has to be reported and recorded and if proved correct, action would be taken immediately.

Students who are habitually late to School may be stopped at the gate and send back home. A student whose attendance falls short of 80% will not be eligible to appear for both Board/Home examinations. No request will be accepted as it is a mandatory requirement by CBSE rules.

I have read the rules of the school and agree to abide by them.